Born in Rome in 1954, Marco has more than 30 years experience in theatre, ranging from contemporary to medieval drama.

In 1990, Marco founded Luoghi dell'Arte in Rome, and has been Artistic Director of the Company ever since.

Marco specializes in the production of Commedia dell’Arte, Medieval Theatre and of plays by the Father of Italian Comedy, Carlo Goldoni.

Over the past two decades Marco’s range of activities has expanded to include directing and writing plays for Luoghi dell’Arte.

He is committed to reviving Medieval and Commedia dell’ Arte Theatre, and has won acclaim for rediscovering medieval and renaissance period manuscripts and adapting them in a modern style.

Marco has won a string of awards at the Medieval Theatre Festival of Trieste (Italy), which included:

Best Director in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999;

Best Author in 1997;

Best Show in 1992, 1995, 1999,

at the Medieval Theatre Festival of Trieste ( Italy ).

He was also won Best Show and Best Director awards for the production: "Doctor Harlequin, The Imaginary Autopsy" at the Mostar International Festival (Bosnia-Herzegovina), 2003.


Since 1993 Marco has led his group on to several tours of Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam), to India, China, and to Morocco, and to France, Turkey, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and to the United States, to perform plays and lead workshops at the invitation of the Embassies of Italy, the Italian Institutes of Culture, the Drama Departments of a number of Universities and of International Schools, and to take part in International Festivals and theatrical events.


He has conducted classes on Commedia dell’Arte history and techniques, given lectures, and has worked in cross-cultural productions with students and actors in many countries, and has taken part in Theatre Festivals for students and teachers. As a guest member/lecturer of ISTA (International School Theatre Association), he has given lectures and master classes workshops during festivals and events organized by the association.


In 2005 he produced an English language DVD, the “Spirit of Commedia”, in collaboration with his wife Luciana Codispoti and Roger Jenkins.

Entertaining and informative, the DVD celebrates the spirit of Commedia, which still flourishes after more than 500 years.

The DVD is targeted at Theatre Studies students who may have little opportunity to see a live Commedia performance. Students about to start work on a Commedia project, or who need to write a research paper, will find it a valuable and accessible resource.

Using authentic leather masks traditionally crafted by G. Santelli, and costumes by Dora De Siati, the DVD presents scenes and lazzi featuring key characters including Pantalone, Il Dottore, Il Capitano, Arlecchino, Pulcinella, Colombina and Zanni.

Interviews with director/actor Marco Luly and leading actress Luciana Codispoti discuss the importance of improvisation, rhythm and energy, and masked characters to the success of Commedia. The particular skills of performing in a mask are also demonstrated in some detail.


From the DVD review:

Well, good news is at hand for at least one theatre tradition, in the form of Marco Luly and Luciana Codispoti‘s hour long DVD The Spirit of Commedia. Marco will be a familiar practitioner to many students and teachers in the Asia Pacific region as well as in other countries and in his home country of Italy. He has run master classes at ISTA/IB TAPS events and also directed student drama festivals in International schools in Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Beijing.

Actor, workshop leader and founder of the Commedia troupe Luoghi dell’ Arte, this DVD is Marco’s first venture into the realm of film.

The DVD shows Marco and Luciana in interview with Roger Jenkins and all three in performance. The history of the theatre form, the masks and stock characters are discussed and presented through performance, sometimes in English and sometimes in the original Italian. Marco and his fellow actors bring commedia to life in a way that it is impossible to envisage using pictures and written scenario. They provide a lively insight into the masks, showing them in lazzi and monologue as well as working through some of the later Commedia inspired texts such as Goldoni’s The Servant of Two Masters. The influence of Commedia on later writers and theatre forms is discussed, as well as the Commedia today.

Often filmed in front of a live studio audience, we also see the characters working in improvisational situations with audience members.

The DVD provides a lively and fact filled resource for any teacher wishing to approach the Commedia dell’ Arte, most probably suitable for students aged 14+.