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This DVD introduction to the commedia dell’arte features Luoghi dell’arte, one of Rome's leading commedia dell'arte companies, in performance, in the studio and in discussion. Entertaining and informative, it celebrates the spirit of commedia which still flourishes after more than 500 years.
The film is designed for Theatre Studies students who have little opportunity to see a live commedia performance. Students doing practical work on a commedia performance, or who need to write a research commission, will find it an invaluable resource that is both accessible and entertaining.
Using authentic leather masks traditionally crafted by G. Santelli, and costumes by Dora De Siati, the video presents three complete scenes (Il Dottore's Lecture On The Fundamentals of Commedia; Pulcinella Mendicante; and Smeraldina’s Thai Massage!) two extracts from The Servant of Two Masters; two monologues (Pantalone in Love and Ricciolina’s Complaint;) and highlights from a lazzo (eating oneself!)
In between, award-winning director/actor Marco Luly and leading actress Luciana Codispoti discuss the roots of the commedia; Goldoni; the importance of improvisation, rhythm and masked characterisation to the success of commedia; and its place in contemporary theatre.  The walk and gestures of key characters (Pantalone, Il Dottore, Arlecchino, Pulcinella, Colombina and Zanni) are demonstrated.
Production stills (close-ups) of the masks are provided.The video is presented in English, though some extracts are performed in Italian with English commentary.  Length     65 minutes (approx)



Associazione Culturale "LUOGHI DELL'ARTE" Viale di Villa Pamphili, 115 Rome - Italy

P.I.: 01858171005